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Here at Elegant Touch, we have 40 years of industry expertise under our belts as London’s original and iconic false nail brand. Whether you know us from our hero products or our shiny, new innovations, we are always staying on the cutting edge of everything nail tokeep your fingertips in tip-top condition!

The Square nail is short in length and easy-to-wear. With clean cut, flat tips, square nails are both fancy and flawless!

Similar to the square shape, the tips of the Squoval nail are flat but the edges are rounded off. The Squoval shape creates shorter length, natural looking nails in minutes – perfect!

The Oval nail has smooth sides and a perfectly round tip, this mid-length shape gives your natural nail a bit more length whilst keeping it natural looking, making them perfectly feminine and fab.

The Short Stiletto has all of the sass of it’s sister The Stiletto, but is more petite giving your natural nail a little added length and a gorgeous tapered tip. This is a mid-length nail that still packs a punch!

The Coffin shape resembles a Stiletto, with all the length however it’s squared-off tip sets it apart. This shape is seriously bad-ass, a one-of-a-kind shape for the brave and bold.

Need statement nails? The Stiletto shape is long in length, with tapered tips and fully loaded with sass. Stiletto nails will give you confidence for days.

Love extra length? The Squareletto is our longest ever shape. Slightly tapered and perfectly squared off at the tip.


  • Square Square nail shape image
  • Squoval Squoval nail shape image
  • Oval Oval nail shape image
  • Short Stiletto Short Stiletto nail shape image
  • Coffin Coffin nail shape image
  • Stiletto Stiletto nail shape image
  • Squareletto Squareletto nail shape image

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