National Eat What You Want Day is just around the corner

Rosie Drew

Written by
Rosie Drew

Yup – you heard it right! Save the date because 11th May is … wait for it… National Eat What You Want day – erm is this not the best day you’ve ever heard of? (Although for us this is every day). Say hello to one whole day of eating exactly what you like and not feel guilty. So, what are you waiting for? Forget the salon, get your nails looking on-point with our ping-proof hassle free Elegant Touch false nails and head down to the city for all the best hot-spots to spend this awesome day.


Sweet tooth? We do too. Get your sugar fix on and pop down to Covent Garden to Udderlicious Ice Cream where you can choose from a selection of crazy dairy, vegan or sorbet ice creams, from spiced hot cross bun to avocado and stracciatella. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

Or imagine your favourite childhood cereal flavours, combined with a range of chocolatey toppings and whatever flavoured milk you can think of… Feeling hungry? Well down at cereal killer café in Camden or Shoreditch your dreams can be turned into reality.

Did someone say caaaaaake? Step into a fairytale at Peggy Porschen and enjoy LOADS of freshly baked delights in a world of flowers and pink décor – an insta-worthy hot spot. And remember great nails always make the snap so don’t forget to put on some iridescent blush or express fleur nails to complete the look.



If you’re cheese mad like we are (I mean who’s not?) then you HAVE to go to these top spots for the best cheese in the capital on National Eat What You Want Day. If there’s one thing better than a chocolate fondue then it’s a cheese fondue and luckily enough such things exist. Say what?!

Walluc in Bethnal Green and St Moritz in Soho are two of these amazing places. Or for you vegan and vegetarians – don’t worry you won’t miss out either –  at Tibits in Embankments you can also enjoy one. #YUM


Rare, medium or well done? Vegetarians close your ears! If you love a big juicy steak then there’s no better day than National Eat What You Want day to get your hands on one. Head down to Flat Iron or Hawksmoor for some of the best rated steaks in the capital. Or why not pop down to Gaucho’s if you’re mad about meat for another great steak – but don’t forget your peppercorn sauce.



Fry ups

If there’s one thing perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s a fry up. Who doesn’t love one? And what better place to grab one than The Breakfast Club – with various locations around the capital including Spitalfields and Hoxton the hardest decision you’ll need to make is HP or ketchup? Or for you never-boring, sassy types, be as daring with your breakie as you are with your nails at Dishoom and grab yourself a ‘Big Bombay’ Indian style fry up and enjoy a little spice with your usual eggs and bacon.

Or go one step further and check out the Florentine which is a fry up to serve 4-6 with an ostrich egg! We like the sound of that. It’ll set you back £65 but trust us you won’t regret it. Feeling a bit out there? Are you daring enough to try a fry up with an Asian twist? At Koya Bar you can order a cooked breakfast noodle soup. Sounds bizarre, right? But we guaranteed you will love it.

Street food

Yup it’s that time of year again when street food is back in the city (yayyyyy). First stop: Dinerama. Here you’ll find a range of global cuisines and bars in a lively venue where you can also get your groove on – it’s a win win. Or Hawker House near to Canada Water also offers something similar and is open Friday and Saturday from 5pm to late. How can you say no to food, booze and vibes ‘til late?



For us here at Elegant Touch we don’t think this awesome day should be restricted to just one day. Celebrate National Eat What You Want Day the whole weekend. It just wouldn’t be fair to forget about brunch – you’ll know what we mean when you see the Sexy Fish Sunday brunch menu. (P.S. you should defo try their “sexy eggs” with a black charcoal muffin).

Enjoy brunch with a view at Duck and Waffle (sometimes you have to go all out). Be on top of the world as you treat yo’self to a brunch in style served from 11.00 – 15.30 (you late risers have no excuse) at this top city hot spot.

Find everything from sea bream with purple cauliflower, fried aubergine and smoked yoghurt to a sweet waffle to share with peanut butter and toasted quinoa ice cream at Pachamama’s brunch feast for a colourful brunch to brighten up your day. And brunch wouldn’t be brunch without the booze so for just £20 extra you can sip on unlimited bellini’s or prosecco on the weekend.

But whatever you decide to do, do it in style with Elegant Touch. I mean life’s just too short for boring nails, right? Let us know where you end up this National Eat What You Want day and tag us in your pics using the #…. . And remember, if your feeling down when it’s all over you’ll still have up to 10 days of awesome nails to look forward to if you choose Elegant Touch.